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Collective practice of a sport requires rules and the respect of these rules. Conviviality, courtesy and fair-play regarding other players are the basis of this activity. Non respect of these rules by a player will lead to his expulsion of Urban Soccer 5 Center.

The Direction informs you:

The Direction do not accept any responsibility for thefts or deterioration of your personal goods, which could happen inside and outside the center (locker rooms, fields, restaurant, coffee, parking, etc.). The Direction will not be responsible for injuries happening inside or outside the center. We inform you that we just propose the rental of our fields, and recommend you to have your own liability insurance.

Liability insurance:

Urban Soccer 5 Center is insured for the damages involving its own civil liability. However, its liability could be appeal to for injuries resulting from non-observance of security rules or inappropriate use of the facilities and material available to customers during the field rental. Any kind of disability or damages on other people have to be insured by a personal insurance established for the customer from the company of his choice.


Smoking ban in all the center. Drugs use and alcohol are forbidden in all the center.

Material and facilities available to customers:

All the customers and visitors must respect the material and the facilities available. Customers will have to pay In case of deterioration or theft. US5Center will provide 1 ball and 5 scrimmage vests before each game. You have to let us an ID to get those items. Thank you for bringing them back to the front desk after your game.

Parking lot:

Parking spaces are exclusively reserve for US5Center customers. Thank you for letting the disabled spaces accessible if you’re not disable. It is forbidden to litter the parking. Trashes are available. The Direction do not accept any responsibility for thefts or deterioration on the parking.

Locker rooms:

Lockers are available around the fields and in the locker rooms. You could buy padlocks at the front desk. The Direction do not accept any responsibility for thefts or deterioration in the lockers, in locker rooms and around the fields.


Showers are exclusively reserve to customers. Thank you for keeping it as clean as possible.


Restrooms are available, thank you for keeping it as clean as possible.

Clubhouse and party room:

Seats, TV, big screen, video games terminal, karaoke, pool table, foosball and all Urban Soccer 5 Center material are reserve to customers. Thank you for respecting this material.

5-a-side soccer rules:

Urban Soccer 5 center rules are available online (www.us5center.com), on the fields or upon request at the front desk.

Fields rental:

People who want to access a field have to pay the rental before entering into the field. Players must have a sport outfit and turf shoes. Turf shoes and uniform are sale in the Urban Soccer 5 Center shop. Cleats shoes are not allowed. Players must respect the duration they rent. Fields are reserve to customers who have booked only. The direction will not be responsible for lateness and the time will not be put back. External balls are not allowed. Litter is forbidden to the fields. Food and drinks are not allowed on the fields. It is forbidden to spit on the fields.


Children under 16 have to be accompanied with adult. External food or drinks are not allowed into Urban Soccer 5 center. Animals are not allowed. Children who come at Urban Soccer 5 Center are under the responsibility of their parents or the adults coming with them. The Direction do not accept any responsibility in case of injury without an appropriate surveillance. The adult guide has to explain the rules of behavior to the children he came with. Any object which could be a cause of injury (knife, glasses, jewels, belts, cutter, etc.) are strictly forbidden in Urban Soccer 5 Center.


Prices are available online, in the center or upon request at the front desk. If you are less than 10 people, price of the hour rental doesn’t change.

Access to Urban Soccer 5 Center is available for disable people. Thank you for keeping these access free.


US5 center

12000 Firestone Boulevard
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TOLL FREE 844-203-9841

Open 6am to 12am

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